Building Healthy Habits

Building Healthy Habits

Duration: 10 minutes

A staggering 80% of people say they don’t keep their resolutions past February (read our article here), and at OSU we believe in small habits that make a long term difference! Our team wanted to share some of the resolutions that they took (and are still keeping up for some!) around eating, sport, reading and more. We hope that these will inspire you to start yours!

Small & Simple Goals

‘Every year I make new year’s resolutions and every year I fail. I’m too ambitious and too undisciplined, so this year I’m keeping it simple! They’re focused on nurturing the mind and body. They’re stretching (for me) but achievable.

No junk food on week days Read one book a week Exercise three times a week

They’re also designed to encourage self-discipline, a trait I’m sorely lacking but hope to engrain through these resolutions. 😊

Sustainable Eating

My chosen resolution has been to eat more sustainably starting with going vegan for the month of January – so doing Veganuary (and perhaps beyond).

I live far away from my family so unfortunately the only way to see them is to take many flights every year. I don’t want to compromise on how much I see my family but I can adjust my diet to offset at least some of the travelling.

I have started eating vegan this January and I’m discovering so many delicious recipes and am amazed by choices in restaurants. Vegan food can have a bit of bad rep. A lot people can’t imagine how various, tasty and exciting the food can be. So, to break those misconceptions I want to share pictures of some of my delicious food on Instagram and perhaps get more people try more vegan meals.


Healthy Breakfasts

Starting each day super charged!! Green juice & OSU shot.

This beauty is my delicious anti-inflammatory wonder tonic. Pineapple contains bromelain, known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

A green juice &20ml of OSU (diluted) sets me up for the day & I get my ‘5 a day’ in one hit, bonus 😀


Home Cooking

My main resolution for this year is to bring my own food every day I spend in the office... easier said than done, my very first lunch of 2020 looked like playdough... not very appetising and not the best start. But I persevered and every day my cooking improved and even got a little creative (too soon maybe). Interestingly, the other day I had a sandwich on the train and found the food extremely salty and tasteless! My palate must have got used to home cooking and I’m not going to repeat that experience of processed food in a while…


Clean Eating

2020 is a new year for me where I plan to implement a healthier, fitter me and to lose the Christmas food baby!

A major part of this plan is eating cleaner, fleshier and greener.

I have implemented a strict diet of only eating salads for lunch, which can be a little bland and tedious, which is why I add a drizzle of OSU to give the salad and myself a refreshing zing!

I already feel healthier and more energised!


Setting Personal Challenges

A few years ago, my partner and I started the couch to 5k (2016) as a way of getting exercise and losing weight. I really enjoyed doing it and once I’d completed the course, then started looking for my next running challenge. I overheard a few friends talking about a thing called “Parkrun” a free 5k timed run on a Saturday morning at 09:00. So, signed up and took part in my first 5k race (I absolutely loved it). Next challenge A 5 mile run organised by local running clubs, followed by a half marathon (A big step but challenge accepted) so the royal parks half marathon was completed.

What next… Yep marathon training started the next year (didn’t make it into London) so signed up for Edinburgh marathon 2017. (completed 4hr 21mins). I have now run 10 marathons, many 5k’s, miles, 10k’s, 10 miles, half marathons. But the challenge I have set for myself this year is ‘the Great Barrow Challenge’ 10in10. This consists of 10 marathons in 10 days starting at the end of June 2020. And as a result of being a Scottish rugby fan I’ve decided to raise money for the ‘My Name5 Doddie [TC1] foundation’ which raises money for MND. So, in total this year I plan to run 15 marathons + a few half’s, 10k’s etc. and all the training that goes with it.


Finding Time for Exercise

In addition of drinking Osu every morning, I have committed myself to exercise at least three times a week.

Harder to do between family, work and need for sleep but so far so good.

Even on holiday!

This is my first day (morning/night) in Miami.

Landed at 7pm after 10h flight Put kids to bed and gone to bed at 10pm Kids woke up at 3am due to jet lag Put them in bed again at 4am


Stick To The Challenges You Set

For some reason over the festive period I agreed to sign up for a triathlon in July. As someone who notoriously hates running and hasn’t swum competitively since puberty, as January loomed, I came to the dawning resolution that I might have to train for this. Hence cycling to and from work every day in the darkest, coldest, wettest month of the year. Positives of the experience have been finally learning all the words to Bicycle Race by Queen, having the justification to eat my body weight in carbohydrates and potentially spotting George Ford (England Rugby Player) on a jog along the Thames. Low points have been navigating pot holed tow paths in the pitch black after the battery on my bike lights died and being covered in mud for the first week due to a cycling along said medieval tow path without a mud guard. Thanks to the marketing team for putting up with my stinky trainers. Still cycling, bring on July!


Small & Actionable Changes

My New Year’s resolution is to try small things that can make a difference in the long term... I’m hoping a combination of short exercise bursts and improving my gut health works. So far, the tablets are winning in terms of keeping this up!


Try For Yourself

We hope that these resolutions got you inspired for the year ahead, it would be a pity to drop your new habits now that you are doing so well!

Feeling inspired by our team's resolutions? Download your 30 days challenge to start tracking yours!

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Apple Cider Vinegar & Apple Juice
Apple Cider Vinegar & Apple Juice
Apple Cider Vinegar & Apple Juice
Apple Cider Vinegar & Apple Juice
Apple Cider Vinegar & Apple Juice
Apple Cider Vinegar & Apple Juice
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