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A life-long Japanese tradition

You Either Have It Or You Don't

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OSU Apple Cider Vinegar is a premium ACV, blended with 100% natural fruit juices. We have been crafting delicious Vinegar in Japan since 1804 and we’re proud of this centuries old heritage. In Japan, drinking vinegar is a tradition handed down through the generations, and it is this life-long Japanese tradition that inspired us to create our premium Apple Cider Vinegar.

When it comes to wellness, we believe in small, actionable changes, rather than fitness fads. It’s worked out well for us so far, so why not grab life by the apples and start your own life-long Japanese tradition today!

We have three flavours of Apple Cider Vinegar. OSU Apple Original, OSU Lemon & Ginger and OSU Blueberry & Pomegranate. They’re all raw, unpasteurised, blended with 100% natural fruit juices and contain The Mother, with nothing artificial or nasty. They’re also vegan certified and delicious! Don’t believe us? Find out for yourself from the following stockists:

Daily rituals


OSU is forever, not a fad. We're firm believers that daily rituals are key to a balanced lifestyle, holistic health and wellbeing. Take it from our nonagenarians! Their zest and passion for life has seen them live long, healthy and happy lives. Key to this is sticking to their daily rituals. As they would say, ‘You either have it or you don’t.’ They definitely do, but do you?

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About Apple Cider vinegar


When it comes to apple cider vinegar, we know our apples from our oranges. Click below to find out more.

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Daily recipes


Whether it's for drinking or eating, you can also see our ACV recipes for inspiration on how you can shake, bake and marinade more flavour into your daily routine.

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