5 Apple Cider Vinegar Mistakes to Avoid

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5 Apple Cider Vinegar Mistakes to Avoid

Many have discovered the ease and versatility of ACV, as well as the many ways it can be added into your daily routine. There are lots of reasons why you should add more ACV into your life, however, there is also a lot of misinformation on the ways to do so. To unlock the potential benefits of apple cider vinegar and to minimise the likelihood of side effects, the OSU team have compiled some simple steps to ensure you avoid commonly made mistakes.[2]

Not Diluting Apple Cider Vinegar When Drinking

Because of the misinformation out there on apple cider vinegar, some think it’s a good idea to shot ACV and quickly eat or drink something to mask the taste. This is one of the most common mistakes to avoid. Given apple cider vinegar is acidic nature, it’s important to allows dilute it before drinking. We advise that you always dilute OSU with water (around 20ml of OSU and 180ml of water) [3] as it will help protect your throat and stomach effectively. Alternatively, if drinking apple cider vinegar isn’t for you, we suggest integrating it into your daily cooking routine. We have a range of delicious ACV infused recipes to try.

Taking too much Apple Cider Vinegar

If our ‘New Year New You’ article has you feeling inspired to introduce more apple cider in your routine we advise easing it into your life in small doses of around 20ml a day; as opposed to consuming larger quantities. As with adding any new food group to your diet, the best course of action is to gradually incorporate it daily and monitor how your body reacts. If you get an upset stomach or a burning feeling then reduce the amount until the side effects subside [4]. In any case, starting small and working your way up can help you gauge your perfect flavour level. And as a rule of thumb, never go beyond two tablespoons at a time if you’re drinking apple cider vinegar.

Unrealistic Expectations

Given its current connection to weight loss trends[5], it’s easy to have unrealistic expectations about the effects of ACV and treat it as a quick fix diet solution. Managing expectations is key, as everyone’s body reacts differently and external factors play a large role in maintaining health [6]. Apple cider vinegar is most effective when built into your daily routine and treated holistically as part of healthy lifestyle. At OSU, we believe in working towards building good habits and a positive lifestyle to achieve overall wellness. For the latest research on how to build effective and long-lasting habits check out our article on this topic.

Not Consulting Your Doctor

If you are taking long-term medication we recommend consulting with your doctor before introducing apple cider vinegar into your diet. There are a few medications which react particularly poorly with apple cider vinegar, we strongly recommended consulting a doctor if you take any of these medications before integrating ACV into your life:

Diabetes medication - people that take insulin-stimulating medications with vinegar risk dropping their potassium levels and experience extremely low blood sugar levels [7].

Heart condition medication (Digoxin) - this medication also lowers your blood potassium levels. Taking it, in addition to, apple cider vinegar could lower the potassium in your body by too much [8].

Certain diuretic drugs - some diuretic medication causes the body to emit potassium. To ensure potassium levels don’t drop too low these drugs should not be consumed with an excess amount of apple cider vinegar [9].

If you're not taking any conflicting medications, consume apple cider vinegar responsibly and dilute with water accordingly when drinking. There has only been one occurrence in the past 50 years that suggests a large scale daily consumption of apple cider vinegar can have a detrimental effect to potassium levels [10].

Applying Undiluted Apple Cider Vinegar Directly to Skin

Apple Cider Vinegar has many claims, for example did you know that some people use ACV for its beauty benefits?[11] Some even claim that applying diluted ACV to your skin helps reduce acne and clear blemishes. How? According to board-certified dermatologist Lian A. Mack, MD “Apple cider vinegar is rich in malic acid, which is similar to alpha-hydroxy acid and has an exfoliating effect on the skin.” [12] [13]

It’s important to remember that ACV has high acidity levels so moderation is very important, especially when thinking of applying it to sensitive skin. This is why we always suggest to dilute ACV with water before consuming. Jill Fichtel, MD of Transformative Dermatology recommends following a recipe according to your skin type. For people with oily skin Dr Fichtel recommends 1 part water with 1 part ACV, 2 parts water with 1 part ACV for normal skin, and 3 parts water with 1 part ACV for those with relatively sensitive skin. [14]

Having said that, both Dr. Fichtel and Dr. Mack stress that those with extremely sensitive skin are better off not applying ACV to their skin. This includes people that have very dry skin, eczema, facial redness and rosacea. Another important factor to keep in mind is that using an ACV solution on your face should be done sparingly, same as any other potent chemical exfoliants.[15]

What You Need to Know

Essentially, apple cider vinegar can possess many benefits and provide a good source of wellness into your daily routine. However, it must be implemented and integrated into your life appropriately. There is no doubt that Apple cider vinegar can work wonders for the body if consumed properly[16].

In a nut shell: don’t take too much ACV, don’t apply it directly onto your skin, consult your doctor if you’re taking any serious medication before consuming ACV, dilute ACV before drinking it and manage your expectations when it comes to ACV. To start drinking apple cider vinegar the correct and most safe way, get your own bottle of our apple cider vinegar OSU Original or our Blueberry & Pomegranate vinegar flavor.


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