10 Things To Do At Home During Lockdown 

10 Things To Do At Home During Lockdown 

Bored at home but have no idea what to do? Well OSU is here to give you a few ideas to help pass the time while you’re at home. Even if you think you’ve tried everything, we have a few suggestions for you below. Try them out and let us know what you think. 

Self-Care Things to Try:

Yoga & Stretching With OSU  

Take some time out of your day to practice yoga. Keyword - practice. You don’t have to be professional to try out yoga. Also, yoga doesn’t have to be done with candles, incense, and other gimmicks you see in mainstream media. All you need is your body and space. You can do yoga just about anywhere.

Why do we suggest this you wonder? Well, yoga has many potential mental and physical benefits for all ages e.g. yoga can help to improve your strength balance, and flexibility[1]. The NHS also suggests the practice of yoga for stress.[2] If you’re looking for a head start, we have a lovely yoga session with Belinda on our Instagram titled ‘Move With Us’ check it out


Next up is meditation. Meditation is something that can bring you peace and is a very wholesome way to pass time while you’re at home. Meditation has some potentially long-lasting positive advantages, most importantly being its impact on anxiety and stress and your ability to focus.[3] If you’re unsure where to even start, read our Guide to Meditation article and you’ll be a meditation pro in no time. 

Read Something Different 

While reading a book is something that is obvious, people often gravitate to books in one genre. When is the last time you read a book that was outside of your comfort zone? If you often read fiction, try non-fiction. If you often read biographies, try dystopians’. Reading gives you a chance to surround yourself with the narrative of the book you're reading, making reading a great pass time while at home. Reading can help improve your brain connectivity, vocabulary, and comprehension.[4]

Try A New Exercise Routine  

Exercising is something that is recommended to everyone. The physical and mental benefits of exercising are something that we all know so we won’t go into detail. However, instead of doing your regular exercise routine - try something new.

If you mainly do cardio, try strength training. If you do HIIT, try pilates. Mix it up and change it around, have a wildcard day where you try a completely new routine. If you need some suggestions, try out the Nike Training Club app, this has a range of diverse routines you can try.


No matter the time of year, treating yourself should always be something to do for yourself at any time. Treating yourself can be as little as having your favourite snack, to giving yourself an at-home spa day. Doing things that make you happy is a good way to boost your self-esteem and mood. It’s a true win-win. Why wait until vacation or wait until you achieve something to treat yourself? You’re at home, you’re great and worthy of treating yourself all the time. So do so!  

Fun Things to Try: 

Redecorate Your Home 

Now let’s get into the more creative stuff. Why not redecorate your home? We’re not telling you to go full Queer Eye and change everything but a little redecoration never hurt anybody. You can do something as simple as changing the way your pots and pans sit or changing where you put your favourite plant. This can be as simple or as big as you wish. We actually have an article on a few home design principles that are common in Japan - have a read and get some inspiration. 

Experimental Home Cooking

Now eating is something we all do, instead of cooking that same old pasta dish - spice it up. Not only will this make cooking fun, but it’s also a great way to get to know your cooking style a lot more. This is one of the best things you can do at home, why not become a chef? Why not become the next Gordan Ramsey in your own kitchen? Have fun with it! We have a range of simple but experimental recipes you can try e.g. our Vegan Cauliflower Burger with Spicy Vegan Mayo and our delicious Onion and Pea Gyoza. You can view more recipes in our Daily Recipes hub

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Tap into your inner child and have a little indoor scavenger hunt. Hide things and get your friends or family involved. One of the great things about hunts like this is that they’re easy to set up and are free, you can do this with things you already own. Another plus side to this is that even if it’s raining - the scavenger hunt will remain unaffected. 

Become A At Home Bartender

Whip out the shaker, you’re going to become a bartender. One fun thing to do is to practice your drink-making skills! You know how to make coffee, you know how to make tea, but do you know how to make a Berry & Lime Spritz? How about a Shisho & Grapefruit Cooler? Exactly, we’re here to help you become the queen/king of drinks! Check out our many apple cider vinegar drink recipes here and start making them!

Start Your Apple Cider Vinegar Ritual

Last on our list, one thing to do at home is to try our apple cider vinegar if you haven’t already. Our apple cider vinegar is tasty and comes in two unique flavours. Our Apple Cider Vinegar with Apple Juice is not only great by itself (when diluted with water) but is also great when infused in various drinks and meals. The same goes for our Apple Cider Vinegar with Blueberry & Pomegranate. Our products are versatile and can help make cooking just a little bit more fun. Get your bottle and try it out today! 


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