Which OSU Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe Are You?

Which OSU Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe Are You?

Ever wondered what kind of OSU apple cider vinegar drink or meal you are? No? Well here is your chance to find out! We have a few questions designed to let you know what recipe or drink best matches your personality. Are you a Lemon & Ginger tea or a Berry & Lime Spritz? Let's find out.

1. What Were You Like in High School?

A) Trouble Maker

B) Class Clown

C) Teachers Favorite

D) Quiet Nerd

2. What Annoys You The Most?

A) Someone Not Muting Their Background Noise During a Zoom Call

B) Humblebragging

C) Someone Going to the Fast Checkout with a Trolly Full of Food

D) Someone Wearing too Much Perfume

3. Which Best Describes your Personal Style?

A) Old School Vintage

B) BoHo Chic

C) Nonexistent, Miss Matched Mess

D) Trendy Street Style

4. Your Favourite Form of Self Care?

A) Meditation

B) Netflix Marathon

C) Journalling

D) Talking to Friends & Family

5. You’re Stuck on an Island, What do you Want With you?

A) A Full-Service Bar

B) Your Favorite Book

C) A Boat

D) A ‘HELP’ Sign


So Which ACV Drink or Food Are You? 

Mostly A - Frozen Berries & Lime Spritz Drink

 If you answered mostly A’s, you’re our Frozen Berry and Lime Spritz. This drink is electric like you. You’re a bit of a trouble maker and you prefer to stay away from bad energy. You can make a good situation out of nothing and always strive to have fun. 

Mostly B - Okonomiyaki Pancake With Drizzled Honey 

If you answered mostly B’s you’re our delicious Okonomiyaki Pancake with Drizzled Honey. You’re a little bit of everything, just like this dish. You’re versatile, you can be extra at times (just like this dish with the number of extra garnishes you can add) or you can be super simple and stripped back. 

Mostly C -  No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake 

If you answered mostly C’s, you're the No-Bake Blueberry  Cheesecake. You like to do things by the book and strive for efficiency. This dish is perfectly layered with different components in a perfect manner. This cake is proper and delicate - just like you. 

Mostly D -  OSU Lemon & Ginger Tea

If you answered mostly D’s, you’re our lovely Lemon & Ginger Tea. You’re calm and relaxing just like this tea. You take things a bit slower, you like spending time with friends and family and you’re more of a homebody. Our lemon and ginger tea is a simple recipe designed to be sipped while chilling at your favorite place - home.